Consumer Confidential: Microvaped glass globe edition vaporizer

Read the  Consumer Confidential review of the Microvaped glass globe edition portable vaporizer. It’s designed for vaporizing concentrates.  Click on the link to see the review on page 2 of The Daily Doobie.

Vaped, a California company, makes luxury vaporizers.  The glass globe edition is a fill it yourself vaporizer. It retails around $90.  In brief, it’s good, I liked it.   

The whole package comes in a metal travel tin, with a metal pick tool, the vaporizer pen  with a lithium ion battery, the glass globe with the refillable ceramic cup inside, a usb charger for the battery, and a one year warranty.  In terms of portability, this vaporizer needs to be protected for travel, it is not as slender, compact and portable as other vaporizer pens. There is no additional storage space for jars or canisters, you might want to include in the travel tin. Also, the spacing in the travel tin doesn’t allow the assembled vaporizer pen to be placed inside.

Overall, there were not a lot of instructions or explanations. The instructions provided are pretty simple. Click it on, remove the mouthpiece, fill the ceramic bowl, replace the mouthpiece hold the button and inhale a slow even draw.

The vaporizer pen is 5 inches in length. The glass globe comes apart into three pieces, the mouth piece, the glass globe exterior, and the center piece.  The plastic mouthpiece has a gasket seal at the base. It feels comfortable to use and doesn’t warm up with use like the glass.  The glass globe makes this vaporizer not as discreet as other vaporizer pens, but the heating element and smoke is visible. The button is easy to locate and use.

The center piece attaches to the battery on one side and the other side has the ceramic cup with a heating wire across the top. The ceramic bowl is small, it appears to be designed for concentrates and not bud/flowers.  Another clue this is exclusively for concentrates is the dab tool that comes in the kit.

I would prefer to have more information and care instructions for the ceramic bowl and the wire that crosses the top. It seems to be the most fragile and essential part of the unit. Is it ok to touch the wire with the pick tool? Do you put the concentrate on the wire or along the walls of the bowl?  According to the instructions only the mouthpiece is removed when loading the ceramic bowl, so touching the wire is very likely because it is being loaded from above. If the glass globe is removed to add concentrates, it is possible to use the edge of the bowl to scrape the pick clean and not touch the wire. The latter application method means removing the glass globe and putting more wear and tear on the glass and the sealing gasket.    I’m not really sure the best practice for product longevity, but I aimed to apply the concentrate on the inside of the ceramic wall and not touch the wire too much.  A look at the website shows replacement nails are available in 5 packs, so the ceramic cup is likely to be a part that needs replacing.

I sampled three varieties of concentrates, 2 waxes and a BHO. They all worked well with the vaporizer. The glass filled up with smoke, and the flavors tasted hearty. Sometimes with vaporizers, the experience can feel too ethereal, when I find myself saying, “I think I might feel something, but I’m not sure”.

I like being able to choose what concentrates to consume.  I don’t like being limited in choice by the replacement concentrate cartridges in other vaporizer pen models.  People who want the same adaptability would be interested in this vaporizer pen.

In summary, the Microvaped glass globe vaporizer pen performed well. It is easy to use.  It is less discreet and portable than other styles of vaporizer pens.  The advantage of this vaporizer pen is being more adaptable to fill with your choice of concentrates.

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