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Ask Lady Cannabis for August – Cannabis Maven
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Ask Lady Cannabis for August

This month, Lady Cannabis answers questions regarding smoking circles, talking to others about medical cannabis benefits and dating.  Scroll to read the column and click on the link to read the August issue of The Hemp Connoisseur.

Ask Lady Cannabis

Dear Lady CannabisHow do I join a smoking circle? Shy Smoker 

Dear Shy Smoker, Simply say “Excuse me, I have some herb I’d like to share, may I join this circle?”  Context is important.  Usually cannabis smokers are relaxed and friendly, unless they are being paranoid for security reasons.  So, assess the situation.  Are you in a public place or a private gathering?  Is everyone over 18? Do you know anyone in the group or are they all strangers?   Do you feel relatively safe and comfortable?  If yes, approach someone in the circle, start a conversation and ask to join the fun.  Have some cannabis to share, or offer something to the group that might be appreciated like cold drinks, snacks, and pleasant conversation.


Dear Lady CannabisHow do I tell the mother at my preschool with the brain tumor that cannabis can cure her?  Caring Mother

 Dear Caring Mother, The topic demands more discretion than the usual chit chat you’ve encountered when picking up or dropping off your child. Create some time to speak with her more privately, go for coffee or drop off a nourishing dish at her home.  Prepare your thoughts for a brief conversation, and give her a resource for further information.

The You Tube video, “Evidence That Cannabis Is An Extremely Nutritional Vegetable,” ( is a great 13 minute summary of medical research and the legal status of marijuana.

Temper your desire to be helpful with respect for her medical privacy and your own privacy.  This is a conversation because you care about a community member, not because you need to proselytize and convert someone to be a marijuana patient.    In your conversation, tell the mother you care about her and her family. You are sharing some information about a promising treatment option that could be helpful during this difficult time.  Give her a printout of a recent overseas medical study that discusses the promise of plant compounds in medical marijuana for effective treatment of cancer.  Mention the evidence of cancer patients, in the US,   experiencing pain relief and appetite stimulation from medical marijuana. Mention the variety of ingestion methods, other than smoking, that are now available.  Reiterate you are sharing this information to be helpful because you care.   Do not promise a complete cure from the medical use of marijuana or bash other cancer treatment options she may be considering. Tell her you respect her privacy and understand this is a challenging time for her family. Give her a reassurance unless she initiates the topic, you will hold the conversation in confidence and, depending on your comfort level, ask her to do the same for you within your shared preschool community.

Dear Lady Cannabis, When you meet someone you like, how do you broach the subject of cannabis use?   Dating Toker 


 Dear Dating Toker, In the dating scene, it is important to look for partner compatibility and for you, this includes cannabis use.  One way to indirectly discuss use is to initiate the conversation as a topic of current political or medical research trends. Usually people eagerly share their opinions and additionally indicate their experience, comfort, and knowledge.  Sometimes people are tightlipped, quiet, and unwilling to engage out of fear, or a greater need for privacy.  From this conversation, you should be able to get a good idea of where they stand on the general subject and if you share similar habits and preferences.

If you are planning a date and want to include cannabis use, directly suggest enjoying cannabis as an addition to the main activity of the date. Have a safe setting in mind, allow time to enjoy and be age appropriate.  You don’t want to act like a kid, hurriedly packing a bowl, in the alleyway outside the theatre, unless this is the agreed plan and is comfortable and fun for both of you.



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