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Consumer Confidential: Incredibowl m420 Deluxe Review – Cannabis Maven
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Consumer Confidential: Incredibowl m420 Deluxe Review


Product review of the Incredibowl m420 Deluxe kit below. Click the link to read the review in The Daily Doobie.


What, exactly, is the Incredibowl? It’s not a vaporizer, it’s a pipe, or, as the company website describes, a “smoke injection system” (patent pending) engineered to filter and cool smoke, thereby reducing tars and enabling a more pleasant smoking experience.  The manufacturer, Boulder, Colorado’s Incredibowl Industries, has won 13 Cannabis Cup awards for their innovative pipes.  

The Mycroft Sherlock pipe is for consumers who enjoy pipes, and want the technology of the Incredibowl. The Incredibowl m420 Deluxe has 2 pipes in one kit. The Deluxe model has an m420 Incredibowl, a clear glass Sherlock style pipe called the Mycroft, and replacement parts (always nice to have on hand when needed!). Constructed with high grade and sturdy components, Incredibowls are designed for long term durability. The carrying case is a military grade smell proof hard plastic case with two latches. The m420 tube is clear shatterproof polycarbonate. The external part of the Incredibowl itself is made with high grade aluminum, which acts as “unbreakable armor” for the glass bowl inside, kept in place by FDA-approved high temperature O rings. The small container comes with spare screens, 2 sizes of gaskets and a glass bowl. And the kit comes with instructions. So how many stoners does it take to assemble an Incredibowl m420 Mycroft pipe? I was determined to figure this out. In this instance, it took three people. One person to miss the first step not mentioned on the instructions, another person to make a bunch of phone calls and a feminine voice of experience to point out the obvious.

Granted, most customers are not concerned with ruining a fresh manicure assembling an Incredibowl. In my case, one foul slip and the smooth pale pink coating on my nails could be compromised.  Regardless of these personal high stakes, I couldn’t assemble the Sherlock on my own.  The instructions seemed easy enough, only three diagrams to follow.  Initially, I was trying to put both pipes together, which didn’t fit together, and didn’t look like the diagrams at all.  The result was a Sherlock that looked really happy to see me. After a couple of phone calls, I discovered that the first step is actually disassembling the m420. That means rolling up the silicon gasket sleeve, removing the bowl assembly from the m420 shaft, and then following the diagrams. Insert the bowl into the Sherlock opening, roll the silicone sleeve over the edge and adjust the seating for an airtight fit.  Then add a screen to the bottom of the bowl. It took a couple of pulls and gasket adjustments to get a good draw. At last, with everything properly assembled, I was the happy one!

Smoking an Incredibowl is a very engineered experience. It’s not pipe smoking in the old fashioned sense. First, “You light the bowl and create suction establishing negative pressure that draws the hot smoke into the Incredibowl.” Second, “smoke spirals in the nozzle which causes it to cool, allowing the tars to get more solid and sticky. The cooled smoke passes through a screen leaving the tars behind.” Third, “the cool filtered smoke then expands into the Expansion Chamber. When the gases expand, they lose energy, causing them to cool.”  What is the difference between clearing the carb of a regular pipe, and clearing the Expansion Chamber of an Incredibowl?  Usually smokers lift the finger covering the carb hole and continue to draw air. With an Incredibowl, “you pull the Bowl/Armor, opening the annular Purge Carb. The negative pressure in the Expansion Chamber causes cool air to rush in through the geometrically arranged carb holes 360 degrees around the entire circumference of the piece. The rush of air cools the smoke one last time and pushes the cool smoke quickly and smoothly into your lungs.”

Tight gasket seals are the key to enjoying an Incredibowl. It works great. Using a bud of a homegrown caregiver variety called Preston, I enjoyed the cooler smoke. It was easier on the lungs, I didn’t cough, and nothing felt harsh.  I appreciate the design and ingenuity of the Incredibowl. It’s a solid and sturdy piece of equipment.  Tech loving cannabis smokers will love this pipe too.

For pipe smoking, it’s my preference to use colored glass.  After repeated use, some of the crevices and nooks on most pipes are hard to clean and the colored glass ultimately gives the eye something else to look at than the resin buildup.  I was hesitant to like the clear glass because I was concerned it wouldn’t age well.  The design of the Mycroft is simple, it looks super easy to keep clean with an alcohol bath and a few cotton swabs.

Another good feature in the Deluxe kit is the adjustable foam interior of the hard shell carrying case. The foam barrier is adaptable and the case has room enough to put a vial of cannabis and a lighter in with Incredibowl.

In summation, I highly recommend the Incredibowl. This is a high tech product with an innovative and effective design.

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