Susan has written product reviews, people profiles and covering marijuana events and issues since 2013. Her focus of product reviews are body care products and hemp food and clothing. Coverage includes the first recreational sale of January 1 2014, social consumption after legalization, the 15 year history of 4/20 on CU Boulder campus and smoking bus tour of Denver.

Susan started writing  Ask The Cannabist the marijuana advice column  with the launch of The Cannabist site in January 2014. Previous to The Cannabist, Susan wrote the marijuana advice column, Ask Lady Cannabis for The Hemp Connoisseur.  The inspiration for the advice column was a synthesis of Susan’s social-science degree from University of Colorado-Boulder and her experience in cannabis culture.

In 2015, Susan began writing The Cannabist social column, High Society, detailing the who’s who of cannabis society at events.  Her articles have been published by The Cannabist, The Hemp Connoisseur, Ladybud Magazine, Freedom Leaf, and Elephant Journal.

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