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Business Consulting – Cannabis Maven
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Susan Squibb, as an industry consultant, specializes in organizational strategy for production facilities and product and market development.

List of services

  • Networking
  • Market Research
  • Customer Product Demo
  • Set or maintain Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance manual
  • Implement Corrective Action Reports to document errors and solutions
  • Identify training needs
  • Recipe and production standardization
  • Streamline item assembly and packaging
  • Eliminate ingredient stock outs
  • Maximize production with effective employee staffing and scheduling
  • Measure manufacturing time and factor COGS, costs of goods sold
  • Write effective operating manuals to maintain production procedures, quality assurance and compliance.
  • Increase efficiency and increase revenue

Contact Susan  for more information at


  1. C


    Hi. I am looking for a “contact” link, but can’t seem to find one here. I am seriously considering moving to Colorado and would love the opportunity to ask some questions personally. My first priority would be finding the best public schools, and I have found some great ones near Denver. I’m looking for links to information such as what are the best jobs/professions to have and not have to worry about drug-testing. I would also like to connect with folks in the events industry and also organization. I currently work for myself as a personal organizer and event hostess. Thanks in advance for any helpful information you may be able to provide. I love in the south, between Atlanta and Nashville, I don’t think we will see legalization for quite some time and am really thinking moving to Colorado is a possibility for my family.

  2. Julio Lucero


    Howdy Susan. Really cool website and business you have going on. My name is Julio. Im try to start a small hemp food company at the moment. However, since I live in Texas, I will not be making products with any significant amount of THC. Are there any labs, that you trust, who can do THC testing on edibles? The labs that I have spoken to do not seem to provide that service.

    Just started following you on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing some of your posts.

    Thanks a million.

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  4. Justin Khuu



    I’m a MJ production consultant in Washington state. I’d like to talk to you about your kitchen consulting. Please call me at your earliest convenience at 206-436-9336. Thanks!


  5. Reply

    Hello, read your article, wasn’t really sure people like you existed but I’m quite grateful. You are a great advocate and best foot forward. I’ve lived in Colorado for 5 years, went to a few meetings in Denver before realizing I’m not even a fish in the pond..I’m like a tadpole in a puddle, I don’t have the means to pay all the fees, set up a dispensary, security, rfid tags but now that things have changed I may have the app fees, I’ve got great credit, I’m thinking of buying a property to be a grower may be an option. You have your finger on the pulse of this industry, what thoughts or suggestions would you have for someone of limited means who wants to be successful?

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