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Consumer Confidential: Mountain Medicinals gummys – Cannabis Maven
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Consumer Confidential: Mountain Medicinals gummys

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I love candy. I’ve enjoyed it since childhood. I’ve also enjoyed the benefits of the cannabis plant family for almost two decades. But I simply love candy, the chewy kind being one of my favorite types. What could  possibly make chewy, gummy candy better? Adding hash oil! Besides being a cannabis consumer and candy lover, my day job is manufacturing colorful hash-infused treats for Dazys. I have  an excellent knowledge base for a thorough review of flavors and product potency.

Mountain Medicinals Hash Gummies, made by Dazys, are the best soft candy edible. I love these soft, sweet, chewy pillows of hash candy loveliness.  The gummies come in packages of four and are made with classic candy ingredients and fruit juices. Each one contains 20 mg of BHO hash oil extracted by Dazys sister company, Colorado Bubble Company. In some batches the hash taste is more noticeable. This variation results from recipe adjustments guided by CannLabs potency test results.

The six candy flavors are combined with 3 hash oil types, Sativa, Indica and hybrid. Blueberry and lime gummies contain Sativa hash oil.  Cherry and orange gummies have Indica hash oil. Grape and tropical gummies are made with a hybrid hash oil.  I have sampled all the flavors and my personal favorites are cherry and grape.

Edibles provide all the health benefits of marijuana without the adverse risks of smoking. The physical sensations are slightly different from smoking marijuana. The feeling resonates deeper, like a bass line, and lasts longer. Dosage is very important because an edible can also knock you out and leave you drooling.  I’m never in a hurry to eat an entire edible unless I know I want to go to sleep.  In small doses, marijuana relaxes me and helps me appreciate the everyday joys and blessings in my life.  In large doses, I’ve had mild psychedelic experiences and fabulously sound sleep.

My standard dosage for Mountain Medicinals Gummies is one to two pieces, depending on if my stomach is empty or full. If I eat three gummies or the whole package, I often get cottonmouth and need to have a water bottle near me to quench my thirst. I only eat three or more if I know I’m safe, I’m not going anywhere and do not have any responsibilities or major decisions to make.

To test out the latest batch, I took a joy ride into the sunset on the new RTD light rail line, the W, one evening after work. I decided to eat two pieces.  I ate the first gummy on the westbound station platform while waiting 10 minutes for the train to arrive. Thirty minutes later on the train, relaxing and feeling more comfortable in my body, I noticed my various pains weren’t so loud to me. As they faded into the background of my experience, with the glorious sunset unfolding over the fascinating scenery—familiar yet completely new—I was all smiles. What a lovely moment.  The train passed above the highway on a monorail section to the last stop in Golden.  Time to head back to Denver.  As the light rail cruised over the highways and through Lakewood neighborhoods, I discreetly ate the second cherry gummy. Yum yum yum.

30 minutes passed in a state of blissful enjoyment as I took in the view. A young mother with two small children was sitting across the aisle from me. At one point, my eyes were drawn to the poster above this trio heralding the advent of the new line, in the shape of a bull’s head packed with imagery, including the train’s nose, something resembling an animal’s backbone probably meant to suggest a train track, and rounded boob-like mountains along the left edge. Feeling mischievous, I briefly considered asking this woman: “Do the advertising graphics seem boobalicious to you? Because I see a mountain range.”  Tetons were everywhere, the graphics were spot on.

By the end of the light rail trip, I started feeling ravenously hungry, inspiring a dash to the comforts of home. I departed the light rail at Union Station, feeling great, and located my bicycle parked downtown. Riding through the city, enjoying the exercise and the spring breeze refreshing my spirit, I felt so free and amazed and alive. Nearing my apartment on High Street, I laughed as I peddled, wondering whether LSD discoverer, Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman, felt like this as he rode his bike home during his first experience on acid.  Life is sweet.

Mountain Medicinals hash gummy candies are a handmade, fun to eat, and reliably potent treat.

Susan still enjoys making  edibles but no longer works at Dazys.

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