Ask Lady Cannabis in June/ July issue The Hemp Connoisseur

Inside the June/ July issue of The Hemp Connoisseur,  Lady Cannabis answers questions regarding cannabis strains and cooking techniques.  Scroll down to read Ask Lady Cannabis and click on the link to see the whole issue.

 Ask Lady Cannabis

As you know, Gentle Reader, consuming marijuana is a safe and enjoyable way to relax and spend time with others. There is a proper way to do this and several improper ways. Lady Cannabis addresses questions regarding the etiquette of responsible adult consumption of marijuana in various social settings. What is your question for Lady Cannabis?

Dear Lady Cannabis, I have rheumatoid arthritis and asthma so I do not want to smoke cannabis. What kind of strains would you recommend I use for my ailment and in what manner do you think I should medicate? Anxious Arthritic Asthmatic

Dear Anxious, Thank you for writing. Hopefully, you live in an area of the country with safe access to lab tested medical cannabis. To start, I suggest you try cannabis from the following four categories, Sativas, Indicas, high THC varieties and high CBD varieties.

Sativa strains are known to be more energizing and Indica strains are more relaxing. High THC strains produce euphoria and high CBD varieties have more analgesic pain relieving benefits.  Observe how you feel on each different type and determine which variety you prefer.

If these options are overwhelming or not available to you, then simply find the best quality cannabis you can. Because of your health conditions, it is important to know the quality of your cannabis and insist on medical grade.

There are many ways to experience the pain relieving benefits of cannabis without smoking. I recommend edibles, application of topicals and vaporizing the flowers as healthier options for smoking. Eating sweet or savory food prepared with cannabis, is a convenient way to medicate throughout the day and can offer substantial pain relief. Salves are used in topical treatments to focus pain relief. Vaporizing cannabis has the benefits of immediate pain relief, without the health dangers associated with smoking.


Dear Lady Cannabis, I can’t reply publicly because of my job, but something I would be interested in knowing, as would others I’m sure, is how to make edibles.  Years of smoking has left me with COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and I can’t be even be in the same room as someone smoking or my lungs won’t work. Is there something special you have to do or just add it in to anything like a spice? Fearful Chef

Dear Chef, These are the basics for making a cannabis butter for cooking and baking. Weigh the cannabis you have to cook with. Double the number to determine the amount of butter you’ll use. (example: 8 ounces of cannabis  to 16 ounces, or 1 pound of butter)

Bake the cannabis in the oven for 225 degrees for 20 minutes.

Now, put the cannabis in a large cooking pot, add butter, and fill the pot with water until the plant material is fully immersed. Simmer for an hour.

Using a cheesecloth or press, squeeze all the water and butter out of the plant material and collect the liquid in canning jars. Squeeze as much butter as you can from the plant material.

Place the jars in a cool place and as they cool, the butter and water layers will separate. Lift off the butter layer and store your freshly made cannabis butter in a clean container.

As a starting point for recipes, look at the butter requirement and use half cannabis butter and half regular butter. For example, a cookie recipe calls for 1/2 cup butter. Use ¼ cup cannabis butter and ¼ cup regular butter.

Make a batch of cookies and taste and adjust the recipe accordingly. For stronger cookies, use more cannabis butter and for less potent cookies, use more regular butter.

An important safety rule, Label all homemade cannabis butter and edibles.  Safely store all cannabis butter and edibles and keep them away from all children, pets and imbeciles.

Lady Cannabis is a perfect lady.  Ms. Susan Squibb, the Cannabis Maven, on the other hand, enjoys cavorting. She is an innovative cannabis product developer and produces events including the annual Mother’s High Tea. Ms. Squibb is a graduate of University of Colorado-Boulder where she majored in anthropology. She also served as caregiver to Patient #1 on Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry.






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