Consumer Confidential: Apothecanna cannabis sex lube

What a fun product review to put together!  Published by LadyBud, link to the review here and check out the accompanying vintage erotica image!


OMG. Cannabis sex lube, it exists!

Between two photos of the “personal lubricant experimental test batch” bottles recently posted on Facebook and Instagram, Colorado manufacturer, Apothecanna, was flooded with a hundred sales inquiries for the personal lube.  This is a hot product, everybody wants some!

But cannabis sex lube doesn’t really exist in the commercial world.  This is a research and development test batch made for kicks and giggles, and the company has no plans of releasing it as a product. There is no way to order it, not in the adult recreational market and not as a medical marijuana patient.  It’s not for sale and this product review is one big tease.

In a chat with James Kennedy, Apothecanna owner, I learned the sex lube recipe is an adaptation of Apothecanna’s popular Lip Buzz, medicated lip balm available in the Colorado medical marijuana market.  Both the personal lube and Lip Buzz contain the same botanical oils and essential oils of cannabis flowers, organic peppermint, organic tea tree, organic rosemary, grapefruit, and ylang ylang. This means the signature smell, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are the same, making these cosmetic pharmaceuticals or “cosmeceuticals”.

Cannabis flower oil, as a topical ingredient, doesn’t induce a high or have any kind of psychoactive effects. Instead, it stimulates blood flow. Mmm, interesting! Rounding out the list of ingredients is a base of blended gels from flax seeds and aloe and a small amount of silicone.

That’s fascinating and all, but how was the whoopee?  Here’s the method to the sexy madness:  I scored two sample bottles.  I enlisted two horny and vocal volunteers, with their sex partners to kick it with the lube.   I promised not to use their names (high five, thanks for banging!).  Then, like a freaky voyeur/social scientist, I made them fill out a questionnaire asking questions about their knowledge of lubes and natural products and the in-and-out details of their sex experiences with the cannabis lube.  I even asked about ladies squirting with a big O.

The first couple swears by lube. Although new to warming lubes, these lovers have seasoned knowledge of lubes and natural lubes. The natural and organic formulation was a big attraction.

Although my first female tester was initially hesitant to introduce the essential oils to her mucous membranes (that’s the cooter to some readers), she eventually went for it, and it did not irritate the sensitive tissues around her hoo hoo.

“Overall, the cannabis lube had good liquid cohesion, staying where you wanted it to. I liked the globby texture – it stayed slippery without getting sticky,” she reported. “It absorbs into the skin, which is not great for glide.  (But) it didn’t dry sticky on the skin and the scent… the scent of the cannabis lube lingers, you’d remember your lover long into the day.”

The second couple has used natural products, but never a natural lube. No stranger to conventional warming gels, the couple reported “the cannabis seems to add a nice stimulating effect.”  Although not a fan of the “sliminess,” the smell of the lube was enjoyed and the couple had a lot of fun with their first shared experience with sex lube.

The warming or numbing sensation of the lube made for some fun applications during sex for both couples.  The first couple enjoyed “awesome foreplay” and the lube made a “great orgasm chaser”.   For the second couple, performing anal sex was the best part.  Doink!

Multiple orgasms were achieved by both couples.  Everyone had enthusiastic fun with the cannabis sex lube and would like to sample more. Sad to say, neither woman achieved a squirting orgasm, but if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

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