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 Edible Events kicked off its monthly BYOC events in January and I was there to cover the scene for The Hemp Connoisseur.  Here’s my event coverage and a couple fun pics from the photo booth with canna friends, Christie Lunsford and Genifer Murray.

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 In Good Taste

With Colorado legalization, cannabis events are attracting more people of all ages and incomes. In this emerging market are the new private monthly events with changing culinary and party themes by Jane West’s company, Edible Events, at Space Gallery.

Edible Events premiered with an End of Prohibition event in late January that featured gourmet munchies in a posh venue. West, a former corporate event organizer, said the inspiration for her inaugural event came from a pleasurable dining experience. She shared an edible cannabis treat before a delicious meal at Old Major. She had an uncommonly relaxing evening without paying for it with a hangover the next day. Fast forward to this gallery setting, a 420-friendly upscale event.

Jill Gomez, a Denver area resident is “super tickled” that marijuana is legal. “I’m a baby boomer. I’d rather have my children smoke than drink,” she said. The event was “BYOC,” or Bring Your Own Cannabis. Attendees used vaporizers and nibbled edibles in the gallery. Guests could smoke in comfort inside a Sunset limo bus parked in front.

Wendy, 67, a Colorado resident, has never been a smoker of cannabis. Only recently, when she tried an edible, did she come to appreciate the relaxation cannabis can bring. With a smile and a slight fit of giggles, she remarked how much she enjoyed meeting others “on the bus.” The limo was stocked with chocolates and soft drinks to satisfy immediate munchies.

Jeff, who lives in Denver and Milwaukee, said he enjoyed the event because, “I like smoking with people my own age.” Aside from the smoking limo, there were three spaces to explore; two galleries with food stations, and a loft area with couches and crafts for drawing and Connect 4 games for fun. DJ Desire was spinning dance tunes, favorites including Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” and an early 1980s Michael Jackson hit or two. Gorgeous flower and feather arrangements in shades of blues added consistent natural beauty to all the separate spaces.

The guests largely were baby boomers, fashionably dressed women of all ages and dapper looking young men. Candy, 59, a daily cannabis consumer from Kansas, remarked she felt refreshingly different for not needing to hide her appreciation for cannabis. CynDee, 63, another Kansan, was having a wonderful time. She used to smoke cannabis in her younger days, but no longer consumes because of employment drug screening. “Legalization needed to happen,” she said. Her favorite part of the event was “all the people I’ve met.”

Food was catered by Three Tomatoes Catering, who provided a thoughtful and flavorful menu that included mouth watering poblano quesadilla, peppered beef skewers, pulled bourbon braised short rib sandwiches, and much more. Drinks included red and white wine, local craft beer and custom event drinks, an Old Fashioned and a Fresh Apple and Ginger Elixir.

Jon, 54, from Seattle, was enjoying sour diesel, flo and golden goat cannabis strains. He would like to see similar events with delicious food in his hometown.

None of the cuisine was infused with cannabis. That might change in the future. Edible Events is working with Melissa Parks, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, to create an epicurean line of infused sweets. “I was against the industry for a long time,” said Parks. After evaluating her promising business relationship with Organalabs, Parks is now ready to develop her passion for food chemistry into a successful cannabis industry business.

With top quality food to complement the upscale cannabis experience, Edible Events puts together a winning combination.



Christie, Genifer and Susan having fun in the photobooth, January debut of Edible Events.


Christie, Genifer and Susan having fun in the photobooth, January debut of Edible Events.

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