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Ask Lady Cannabis for September – Cannabis Maven
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Ask Lady Cannabis for September

Lady Cannabis answers questions regarding tinctures, smoking at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and lighter etiquette. Read the column below and click on the link to visit the September issue of The Hemp Connoisseur.

Dear Lady Cannabis, Which is more effective glycerin tincture or alcohol-based tincture? I have heard that alcohol is better but it burns the underside of my tongue and is far less pleasant. Thank you ever so, Lady D

Dear Lady D, Thank you for your question. I agree the burn of alcohol tinctures can be very unpleasant.  I suggest diluting the dropper of tincture in two or three ounces of water or tea.

Alcohol tinctures are more effective than glycerin ones, up to ten times more effective. Alcohol makes stronger medicinal cannabis tinctures because it is better at breaking down the cannabinoids in the plant material than glycerin.  Glycerin tincture is primarily an alcohol free option for patients sensitive to alcohol. Denver based certified herbalist, Ms. Pendleton, suggests exploring different manufacturers or batches of alcohol tinctures because production methods vary and the taste of a different alcohol tincture might be better than the unpleasant one you’ve experienced. Even though glycerin tincture is less potent, it is more palatable and that might be the better choice for you.

Dear Lady Cannabis, I’m a Denver local and attend shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre every summer for the past 20 years. I appreciate how relatively relaxed security has been in regards to pot smoking in the venue. Pot smoking has been tolerated. This summer, as I sit at my reserved seat before a show, smoking a doobie, I was asked by security to take it out to the smoking section with the cigarette smokers. I’ve known other concertgoers have this same experience. What is going on? Didn’t we legalize it?   Show Stoner

Dear Show Stoner, Red Rocks is an enjoyable concert venue, isn’t it? I have been to the Colorado Symphony concerts this summer and each performance was memorable and delightful.  It does seem ironic to pass cannabis legalization in Colorado and now cannabis smokers are being asked to smoke outside the seating area at Red Rocks.

Security largely turns a blind eye to cannabis smoking because ticketholders who are high ultimately make their jobs easier with a laid back and more manageable crowd. This is in contrast to the rowdy and inappropriate behavior regularly exhibited by the “one too many” alcohol drinkers at the show. Cannabis is such a popular recreational choice at Red Rocks; it is simply not possible to stop everyone from smoking cannabis.

In your situation, timing might be the issue. If there is a performance happening onstage, generally, security won’t hassle you. If you are lighting up soon after the doors open and the security staff is standing around in broad daylight looking for something to do, you’ll probably be asked to move to the smoking section. As our society is shifting to cannabis being a legally recognized recreational drug, the guidelines of acceptable use will change. Smoking cannabis is still smoking and over the years, cigarette smoking has been relegated to the periphery and contained in smoking sections. We will have to see if public cannabis smoking receives the same treatment.  At your next concert at Red Rocks, as you enjoy the view from your seats before the show, you might use a portable vaporizer that won’t interfere with your neighbor’s air space or perhaps you can enjoy a classic pot brownie.

Dear Lady Cannabis, I was hanging out in a smoking circle. I borrowed a lighter to spark a bowl. I passed the lighter with the bowl and my friend said the lighter is supposed to be returned to him, the owner, immediately.  Did I commit a faux pas?   Lighter Larry 

Dear Lighter Larry, Oh dear, your friend is sour from one too many of his lighters being accidently pocketed by a stony someone in the smoking circle.  No you didn’t commit a faux pas. Since you are smoking out of a bowl, the lighter is passed with the bowl for each person to spark the bowl. If you are smoking a joint, it makes sense to promptly return the lighter to your friend. Losing lighters is a common nuisance, so look out for yourself and others and keep matches or a lighter on hand. You’ll be prepared and your friend will be more comfortable.




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