AOL interview: Denver Post’s First Marijuana Advice Columnist

 If you haven’t seen it yet, I was interviewed by David Rheins on my new dream cannabis job and other career options in the emerging cannabis industry.


 We spoke with Susan Squibb, new marijuana advice columnist of The Denver Post, on the eve of Colorado legalizing the recreational use of the drug.
Tell us about your new job as the marijuana advice columnist with The Denver Post.

It’s a freelance position, starting in January. For the past year, I have been writing a marijuana manners column, “Ask Lady Cannabis,” for The Hemp Connoisseur.

What are your major duties in this role?

I will write a weekly column answering questions related to marijuana use, appropriate social use and changing cannabis laws and regulations. The challenge is keeping current with the social reality and the local ordinances that are guiding this societal transition from marijuana consumption being an illegal activity to being legally recognized.

What kind of training and background best prepares someone considering a career in legal cannabis?

The legal cannabis world has an increasing number of career opportunities. Now that the largest cash crop in America is legal, every profession is needed. Lawyers are needed to know the intricate laws and regulations and guide businesses in compliance. Service industries for building warehouse production, kitchens and dispensaries. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and security systems are in high demand. Horticulture specialists, soil and hydroponic growers, crews of trimmers are needed to process the flowers. Chemists and lab techs are needed in emerging lab-testing facilities. Sales and marketing positions are needed, and I expect to see agricultural markets and commodities trading, and industrial Hemp develop in the next few years.

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