Writing the weekly column, “Ask The Cannabist”

(Seth McConnell photo, Denver Post file) To cover issues related to legal recreational marijuana, The Denver Post created an online marijuana news and culture site, named The Cannabist by marijuana editor Ricardo Baca. I was hired at the beginning to write the weekly marijuana advice column Ask The Cannabist. I answer reader questions about anything related to marijuana.


Well established cannabis journalist, David Bienenstock interviewed me during the New Years Eve  festivities celebrating the end of Marijuana Prohibition in Denver.   On Wednesday at 7.30AM, Mason Tvert, co-director of the campaign to legalise marijuana in Colorado, was speaking at a press conference held just before the state’s first ever legal recreational pot sale.

AOL interview: Denver Post’s First Marijuana Advice Columnist

 If you haven’t seen it yet, I was interviewed by David Rheins on my new dream cannabis job and other career options in the emerging cannabis industry.    We spoke with Susan Squibb, new marijuana advice columnist of The Denver Post, on the eve of Colorado legalizing the recreational use of the drug. Tell us