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Ask Lady Cannabis December – Cannabis Maven

Ask Lady Cannabis December

Ask Lady Cannabis in December issue of The Hemp Connoisseur. Visit THC Mag here.


Dear Lady Cannabis,  My question is inspired by a recent Denver Drug Policy Alliance conference panel, is the joint obsolete? Policy Geek

Dear Policy Geek, No, the joint is not obsolete. In the cannabis culture, several practical aspects of the joint make it enduring. For one, older cannabis consumers smoke joints because joints were the most common way of consumption. There were few ways to consume cannabis for some period of time. Second, joints are very portable. Roll a few joints and take them along with you. Third, joints can mimic cigarette smoking. In places with unnecessary prohibition, joints have been smoked in a similar fashion as cigarettes in public places. Lastly, joints are very disposable, when burned down to a small roach. Unlike, pipes or other smoking accessories, joints are lightweight and easy to conceal. Joints are great on the go for recreational fun.

In terms of consumption, smoking joints is one of the harshest ways to ingest cannabis.With the growing awareness and acceptance of medical use cannabis, the cannabis market has adjusted. Patients want the health benefits and the best way to get them is to reduce the harm associated with smoking. Smokeless alternatives are available at cannabis centers and use has increased drastically. Four years ago in Colorado, majority center sales were buds or flowers. Today, nearly half total purchases are edibles and portable smokeless vaporizers.

Nevertheless, the joint is a classic. Even immaculate hostess Martha Stewart has professed that she is a good joint roller. Continuously giggling in response to the question, Martha Stewart stated in an interview, “Of course, I know how to roll a joint, not that I ever do. We used to roll cigarettes, it’s the same thing”.


Dear Lady Cannabis, My regular optometrist is an older, established doctor. I get my medical marijuana recommendation from a different doctor. My regular doctor knows I use medical marijuana, but we’ve never had a conversation about it. How do I talk to him? Glaucoma Gordon


Dear Glaucoma Gordon, It is good you are informed and empowered. It must feel isolating to not have full support or understanding from your doctor when you have reliably and safely experienced the benefits from medical cannabis for years. To renew this discussion with your doctor, find the best way to introduce new information to him in a manner that respects his authority as a doctor. Find information sources that will speak to the doctor in his professional language, peer reviewed studies and articles in medical journals on glaucoma research and treatment. A week or so before your appointment notify his nurse and send the article. Mention you’re sharing a study related to your treatment and would like to sometime during your upcoming appointment to discuss the topic. This approach gives him a chance to read, respond and be prepared for a discussion and the topic won’t catch him off guard. Both you and your optometrist share a mutual concern for your health. Explain how you benefit from medical cannabis and tell him your patient experience. Write back with an update, please.

Dear Lady Cannabis, How do you make sense of the Pres. of A Basin taking ski passes away from boarders smoking? It’s part of ski culture, WTF! Boarding Brad


Dear Boarding Brad, Al Henchworth, COO of Arapahoe Basin ski resort, laid down the law on his October 19 blog; Al’s Blog and sparked a huge controversy among skiers. Al pulled a few patrons’ passes because they were publicly smoking cannabis. They are being used as an example to remind patrons it is illegal to smoke in public. The fury of response has helped shape the public conversation of what is reasonable and appropriate for cannabis use on the slopes. Many people voiced outrage over the harsh penalty.

Many people noted the hypocrisy of alcohol being so accepted with open consumptionnot only in the lodges but in the lift lines at A Basin. Many people were happy with the crackdown because not everyone wants to be around the smoke.

Cannabis smoking is part of ski culture. Instead of laying down the law and threateningto call the cops on this issue, as Al originally stated, A Basin needs to take a cue from Seattle Police earlier this year and put together a funny public gimmick to educate patrons to the law. Some clever giveaway with the PR messages- Have fun, we want you to enjoy the A Basin vibe. This is a reminder; public cannabis smoking is not legal. We ask for your cooperation and definitely do not smoke around children, in the lift lines at the top of the lift or the sides of runs.  A public message will go farther.

On the next powder day, the best way to be a more appropriate cannabis user on the slopes is go into the trees, not on a kiddy run and take a discrete smoke break away from minors and nonsmokers.

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