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The Activist Heart Of A Ganjapreneur – Cannabis Maven

The Activist Heart Of A Ganjapreneur, The Marijuana Classifieds, asked me to write a personal essay reflecting on legalization since January 1. Check out the site, the Mona Lisa logo is one of my faves in the cannabis scene.

The first three months into the end of marijuana prohibition in Colorado and I still can’t sleep at night. My nerves are pulsing with excitement. Now is an incredibly powerful time. Now always is, but this particular time feels extra special.

Marijuana legalization has been a long time coming, both in my lifetime and in American history. I can’t believe it, I’ve worked on changing laws to free a plant for 18 years of my life. And marijuana prohibition was federally put in place 77 years ago.

Colorado played a part in kicking off this lengthy prohibition. The first arrest under the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 happened in Colorado. This fact has inspired and motivated me to create change in Colorado and reverse a historical wrong. Colorado is now an epicenter for the end of marijuana prohibition.

The new reality of legalization is significant to me both as an activist and an entrepreneur. As an activist, since my years as an idealistic anthropology student at CU-Boulder, I’ve worked on changing laws and changing attitudes about cannabis and cannabis consumers. My goal is to free the plant.

I am also aware of the social ills created by  marijuana prohibition laws in America. Why does the US have the highest incarceration rate in the world, in proportion to its population? What’s going on? Why are people going to jail? The highest percentage of people being imprisoned are nonviolent drug offenders. It’s important to not forget among the excitements of legalization, this significant problem of prohibition needs addressing.

To continue inspiring action all over the world, I want to share this feeling of legitimacy that has come with marijuana legalization. We are making a difference and the validation feels amazing! I want all cannabis activists and advocates to feel this expanding freedom as they change the marijuana laws in their states. The euphoric and liberating expressions on some people’s faces as they purchase cannabis in a safe and legal environment is priceless.

Legalization brings new and unexpected opportunities. Since the start of the year, I write a weekly marijuana advice column for The Denver Post. In Ask The Cannabist, I answer readers’ questions related to cannabis and appropriate cannabis use. The column isn’t an activist platform, it is an amazing opportunity to help the public navigate our changing social and legal landscape.

As a cannabis entrepreneur, I am busy developing and implementing new businesses and projects. I am utilizing my well-versed knowledge of uses, applications and markets for cannabis products from industrial hemp to medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

I recently created two new companies to develop the cannabis market, promote quality products and further the professionalism and business integration of the fledgling cannabis industry.

As a business developer, I am creating cannabis marketing and social trends by writing freelance articles and product reviews. I share the coolest products in my website column, Consumer ConfidentialI want to promote hemp products, lifestyle clothing and accessories, marijuana edibles, nonsmoking alternatives and cannabis culture and style.

I’m ready to go, are you? ~ Susan Squibb

Susan Squibb lives in Denver, Colorado. In addition to writing, Susan operates Kitchen Development Services, a consulting firm providing organizational services to infused product manufacturers. Susan also produces cannabis-themed social and marketing events through her business 4 & 20 Blackbirds. Follow her on Twitter @CannabisMaven.

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