Operations Director at a marijuana testing lab

In April, 2014, I joined the team at Steep Hill Halent of Colorado, a marijuana testing lab.  The original Steep Hill Lab was founded in 2008 in Oakland, California and this year, the company  began expanding across the legalized states.  Steep Hill testing labs opened in Colorado, Washington  and Nevada with additional state locations in development.

I enjoy working in the cannabis science sector.  From an overall perspective, my efforts are developing a business model in lab testing. My approach is to apply services marketing principles to the business of a production lab.    The services are adapting to the needs of the clients as the industry evolves. My goals are to build integrity for lab testing and manage client expectations well.

My role at the Denver lab is Operations Director and I work with a team of scientists. On a typical day in the production lab, I am the liaison between clients and the science team.  I schedule the sample flow, deliver reports, and manage the business  side of the lab.  The scientists prepare samples, run the instruments, analyze the data and create reports.  Together we are building a production lab with the goals of providing consistent data with the fastest turnaround time possible for regulation tests.

The hallmark methodology of Steep Hill Halent is the 15 cannabinoid and 8 terpene method developed by Donald Land, a University of California at Davis chemistry professor.  In addition to the research and development testing developed in Oakland,  the Colorado lab offers local analytical services for businesses that require regulatory testing.

Currently we test cannabinoid potency, homogeneity for edibles, and residual solvent in concentrates.  As the State rolls out more of the regulation testing program, the lab will offer microbial, pesticide, and heavy metal tests.

In our first year of business in Colorado, we occasionally host esteemed out of state guests looking for information and practical experience to help guide the development of marijuana testing programs  in other states.  Government officials and lawmakers tour the facility and ask questions regarding lab testing and implementing testing standards.  The Steep Hill Halent of Colorado lab tour is included in a Ladybud recap article of fact finding tour by Pennsylvania state Senator, Daylin Leach to Colorado. It’s an honor to facilitate greater understanding and thoughtful conversation.

In my role as Operations Director, I enjoy the challenges being along the frontier of cannabis testing and analysis.  Building a successful service model for lab testing is an exciting challenge in a increasingly competitive business sector.  For lab and testing inquiries, I can be contacted at susan@steephilllab.com.






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